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Rachael Lander, photoshoot of a Cellist!

When I was just starting out, one of the first shoots I did was with an upcoming artist and a classical cellist, Rachael Lander. A person of many talents, she is an avid blogger and an extremely talented musician as well who was playing in the Royal Albert Hall when she was only 15 years old. During this shoot, she was still playing with a music group called ‘The Raven Quartet.’ They disbanded in 2014 but Rachael has still been the limelight.

She was also featured in an amazing documentary on Channel 4 called ‘Addicts Symphony’ where she talked about how her stage fright drove her to develop an addiction to alcohol in the past. Her struggles have only made her strong and I’m happy to say she’s doing well. She got married and even has a lovely boy now named Archie.

She was also featured in BBC Breakfast, the Guardian, and Independent and did a radio interview on Radio 4.

We did the shoot at the lovely Battersea Park in Autumn. It was a natural shoot with the use of natural light and minimal equipment. A friend photographer named Gavin assist me with a couple of reflectors to get the best results.

Rachel chose her own clothes and did her own hair and make up for the shoot, I usually insist on models or couples to bring on the shoot their own clothes and styles, it delivers to the pictures more of their personality and really shows who they are and what they love!

I used a Canon 5D Mark II with a Prime Lens and the results couldn’t have been more amazing. Natural lighting is tricky. Even when you’ve had a couple of years learning various tricks and tips, you cannot predict the results 100% every time.

The weather, the time and even the direction of the camera can make the picture either fall flat or elevate to something extremely breathtaking. Even with the help of equipment and an assistant, such as Gavin with the reflectors, it is a time consuming process to get the right shot. Finding the perfect light is very challenging but the results, in my opinion are worth that time and effort.

This pictures was supposed to be selected to get featured on Timeout Music and my only regret is that I lost my main drive at that time and I couldn’t retrieve any of the RAW files and now sadly, these are the only pictures left from the shoot. Yup, it’s a rookie mistake for a photographer but there’s lesson hidden in it too.

However considering the fact that this was one of my first shoots, I am pretty pleased with the results. I think that the series works great for her style at that time and I love some of the shots, particularly the ones where her hair is flowing. My favorite is the one in the middle of the trees, standing with a cello. A classic shot of a classical cellist.

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